Glutathione – The master molecule


Glutathione (GSH) is your body's master antioxidant, it is a small molecule produced naturally in the body if the required building blocks are available. Glutathione strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body, fights intracellular inflammation, and neutralizes numerous types of free radicals. Toxins and free radicals damage your cells thereby accelerating the aging process along and making you more susceptible to ailments and other issues associated with aging.


Body’s use of glutathione

The cells in your intestinal tract use glutathione to try to eliminate the chemical preservatives, pesticides and countless other toxins you ingest before they are transported throughout your body. The liver cells use glutathione as their detergent to detoxify your blood. Your eye and skin cells use glutathione to protect themselves against radiation. Glutathione helps your body defend against oxidative stress, which has been associated with more than 74 major diseases and disorders. Simply put, without glutathione, oxygen-based life on earth would be impossible.


Over 100,000 scientific studies.

Over 100,000 scientific studies and articles on glutathione are recorded in PubMed, the official U.S. Government library of medical research. Those articles reveal the remarkable role glutathione plays in the protection and function of every cell, organ, and tissue in the human body and the support of optimal health and function. They also show the terrible consequences of low glutathione levels, and how those lower levels accelerate the aging process and increase vulnerability to the issues of aging.


The effect of low glutathione

Modern research has shown that individuals who have low levels of glutathione have a high association with illness. Unfortunately, decreased levels of glutathione can be brought about by continual stress upon the immune system. This is a ferocious cycle. While you need glutathione for a productive immune system, a weakened immune system hampers the production of glutathione. Various daily activities can also reduce your glutathione levels such as stress, exercise, infection, injury, poor diet, and environmental toxins. Your glutathione, or in other words, your body's natural defense against aging and cellular damage starts to decline as you age, decreasing by about 10% to 15% every decade!


The future of glutathione

In the near future the importance of glutathione will be widely recognized because of the vital role it plays in your daily and long-term health. Max International is committed to leading the way in educating about its importance.


What makes glutathione unique?

Glutathione is naturally produced by your body, and plays a central role in the health of every single one of the trillions of cells that make up the human body. Glutathione's critical role is multifunctional. It acts as the body's premiere antioxidant, a cellular detoxifier, and supporter of the immune system.


Why can’t glutathione be taken as a supplement?

Though some places sell glutathione (GSH) as a supplement, it is a very fragile tripeptide that is destroyed by traveling through your gastrointestinal system. As a result, your system cannot absorb any ingested glutathione. Some people take glutathione intravenously, but this method is impractical and expensive.


If glutathione is so important, why have I never heard of it?

While glutathione is relatively unknown to the general population, it's an established fact in the medical and scientific community. The well-known and highly researched Vitamin C has over 40,000 articles on, the leading online repository for scientific medical research. In comparison, glutathione now has OVER 100,000 articles on PubMed.


If glutathione is produced by my body naturally, why do I need to worry about it?

As part of the natural aging process our glutathione levels start to decrease as we age. This natural deterioration is compounded by the harmful impacts of environmental toxins, poor diet, pollution, lack of sleep, and the stress from everyday life. The lower our levels of glutathione become, the more susceptible we are to cellular inflammation, immune system problems, fatigue, joint and muscle discomfort, and other negative impacts on our quality of life.


How do Max Products supplement my glutathione levels?

Max's primary glutathione enhancing products, Cellgevity, MaxOne, and MaxATP, use our patented RiboCeine complex. RiboCeine has been shown to be 300% more effective than N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) in raising the glutathione levels of a liver cell. Max N-Fuze contains nutrients and vitamins that provide complementary antioxidant support, taking some of the strain off of the glutathione in your cells.

MaxGXL uses a proprietary NAC formula that makes Cysteine more available to aid in the production of glutathione.