What is Glutathione?


What is it?

Our objective is to inform people about a great scientific Discovery, so innovative that it will change the ways of preventive medicine and the care and recovery of patients. With this information we will make you aware that it is possible to prevent a lot of illnesses that are currently suffered, they are linked to a sedentary way of life, lack of exercise and the constantly growing number of fast foods rich in fats and carbohydrates that have propitiated a large number of chronic degenerative diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and cancer and have become a public health problem.

The water we drink, the air we breathe and the food and nutrients we eat are contaminated in a higher or lower degree and this has resulted in premature aging of our cells and the appearance of new and unusual illnesses as well as the chronic fatigue and low quality of life that we are getting used to.

In this symposium we will give to those attending vital tools so they could understand how to change their lives; our goal is to provide the formula to “look good, feel well and live to the max”
Be ready to experience such a change toward real and permanent wellbeing based on cellular health.

Who organizes it?

Global Wellness, an entity that is dedicated to bring this scientific Discovery to many countries of the world and who is already doing it in Australia, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Canada, Guatemala.

Where is it happening?

At the Civic Center in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

When is it?

Saturday November 15, 2014

Who should attend?

This is a Congress where health professionals and people interested on how to achieve a healthy life and a better aging will gathered. We are expecting people from several countries because of the quality of the presenters and the information that will be offered. Innovation and excellence will be present because very few people know about Glutathione as well as those who will be presenting.

These type of congresses show the way in new forms of caring for patients and using new therapies; there will be masterful conferences given by world renowned doctors who are leaders in the preventive medicine and anti-aging fields.

There will also be parallel informative sessions about different topics related to anti-aging medicine, skin care, treatments to regulate metabolism and weight loss, the attendees will observe and ask about the procedures used by experts, there will be videos about professionals in these fields, elite sports people who have achieved world records in several events by having higher cellular energy based on elevated glutathione and ATP. As you can see there will be hours of novelty and rich Avant-garde information.

Additional Benefits

Attendees to the Symposium will receive a certificate of attendance from the
Attendees will have free access to the commercial area where they will be able to learn about products; they will also participate, if it interests them, in learning about the business opportunity of national and international distribution networks with world leaders in nutraceutics precursors of glutathione, enhancers of ATP and metabolic regulators based in advanced science.

Where can I get more information?


772-708-8833 o al 772-261-1256

www.glutax.com events